Emergency Generators

Emergency Generators

Forecast: STORMS?

Consider a natural gas generator.

Usually, natural gas supply is not interrupted when there is a storm. Natural Gas can flow to your generator to keep your home running.

With Natural Gas there is no need to find gasoline and then to re-fill the tank.

GeneratorNatural Gas generators cost much less to run than gasoline-powered or propane models. Also, there’s no tank to refill. When installed properly, Natural Gas generators are very safe to operate.

A professional installation can provide for automatic starting when the lights go out.

You can purchase generators at building supply stores, hardware stores, distributors and some contractors. Check your phone directory.

What You Need to Do

After obtaining information on the generator that you think will meet your needs, note the inlet gas pressure required to operate and the gas consumption at full load.

An example of this information is:

  1. Fuel supply inlet (inches H2O): 5-11
  2. Fuel consumption (cubic feet per hour (cfh)): 132

With this information, then call Mountaineer Gas at 1-800-834-2070 before purchasing or installing your standby generator. We will send out a representative who will meet with you and evaluate the existing gas service to your home to determine if it can support the additional load. Any upgrade of service from the main line will be your responsibility.

If you will be a new Mountaineer Gas customer, we will determine if gas service is available in your area and if there will be any cost to connect to your home or business.